The first production engines build on the Ryger Concept are engines designed for the Kart Motor Sport. The main reason for choosing the Kart Motor Sport is that this is “the playground” of almost every Motor Sport. You will hardly find any driver in for instance Formula 3000 or Formula 1 who did not start his/her career in the Kart Sport.

The 125CC Ryger Revo Clean 1 engine is an extreme engine compared to the 125CC 2-stroke engines that are being used now in the kart competitions. Unique is the fact that the Ryger Revo Clean 1 is officially homologated by the CIK (Commission Internationale de Karting, a division of the FIA) and the Dutch sister organization KNAF. It was over 60 years ago that a Dutch designed and build engine was homologated by the CIK/FIA! The engine is suitable for the KZ-classes.

All the advantages of the Ryger Revo Clean 1 will help to get the best performance on a kart circuit. Due to the extreme output, the Ryger Revo Clean 1 is the strongest engine available in the 125CC category. But besides it’s power, characteristics like durability, low fuel consumption, low maintenance cost and clean emission will make the Ryger Revo Clean 1 into “the most wanted engine” in the 125CC 2-stroke category!

As a result of the high output in combination with high RPM’s and to improve the durability of the Engine, Ryger has developed together with lubricants specialist Kroon-Oil a special engine oil as well as a special gear oil for the Ryger Revo Clean 1. These products are available to the market in ready to use pack sizes.

The first production run of 50 engines has taken place in December 2015. All these engines have been carefully assembled and tested and are now ready to be sold to the market. As from November 2016 and onwards 200 engines will be build per month. The sales in The Netherlands will be done by Karting Paradise (Heesch) and O.W. Karting (Hengelo). If you order an engine via this website you can choose your preferred distributor in the order form.

Karting Paradise
Kromstraat 2
5384LT Heesch
Phone: 0031412474644
O.W. Karting
Hamerstraat 24
7556 MZ Hengelo
phone: 0031747850812

Please take into account that the delivery of your engine can take some time based on the number of orders we receive and the maximum number of high quality engines we can produce per month. After you have ordered, you will be informed about the estimated delivery time.

If you have any questions please contact one of the 2 Dutch distributors.